3 Zero Waste Products, 15 Uses

I used to be a bit of a beauty product hoarder back in the day. If I saw something new, and I had the money to purchase it (or even when I didn’t), it was immediately in my shopping cart, regardless of if I had 3-4 similar products like it at home. It was rare that I completely finished a bottle of anything before tossing it and/or moving on to try something new. Now that my collection of personal care products is carefully curated, I wait until I have little to nothing left of a particular product before making a replacement purchase. Which often leads to a few days without something and a chance to experiment with a DIY version. In some cases, I stick with my DIY substitute and don’t look back. With two solid years of beauty product alchemy under my belt, I’ve discussed 3 homemade products that can be used separately or together to meet 15 different beauty needs. This is not often heard in the world of minimalism, but…..bring on the multi-tasking!

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April 2017 Budget Review

Hey, y’all! Welcome back to my little hyggekrog on the internet. I’m glad to be back after my customary month-long hiatus 😂 Real talk, the kids + school have consumed a lot of my attention lately. I’m not complaining; I’m always grateful that I have the opportunity to stay home with my children. And I’m just as grateful for the opportunity to get a “do-over” with college. Graduation photos from old co-workers are flooding my social media feeds, and I’m LOVING it. Seeing people I knew when they were freshies, proudly wearing their cap and gown, surrounded by orange and blue makes me swell with happiness. And it also provides me with some much-needed motivation. If I keep my nose to the grindstone, I’ll have the potential to parade myself about to “Pomp and Circumstance” in spring 2020. Luckily (or unluckily) it’s finals week for me right now so I’ll get a chance to be a bit more present on Lauren, Etc. during the break next week. Now onto the budget review!

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