Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

During my time as manager for a student housing company one of my absolute favorite responsibilities was going through the monthly financials. I didn’t so much view it as a responsibility so much as an exciting treat. When my property accountant would email me that our financials had been posted, I would literally drop whatever I was doing to see how we had done for the month. For those that work in the same field, you’re probably thinking “well, duh, you wanted to see if you would made your month and earned your bonus”. Yes and no. My first year at my property, I didn’t earn a bonus. The projected budget I came into was pretty tight, and we had a lot of expenses that needed to happen to improve the community. I could have stayed within my budget and earned my bonus or spend what needed to be spent to achieve our goals of 100% occupancy as well as keep the facilities well mainted and our residents happy. Guess which I chose.

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My Debt Story: How I Paid Off $32,000 in 4 Years

When I made the decision to make this blog more finance-focused and less consumer-driven, I realized it would be important to share when and how my interest in personal finance developed. When you decide that you need to change the course of your life, it almost helps that you have hit rock bottom and have no other option, but to go up. And that’s where I was over six years…

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Money Matters

When I started this blog, I had the idea that it would be your typical lifestyle blog with a green twist. I would blog about beauty products, skincare, recipes, all of which would be geared towards safer, healthier options. Eventually it would morph into a money-making opportunity with lots of sponsored posts and ads. I wanted it to be like those aspirational lifestyle blogs you follow because they’re beautiful and you want some aspect of that in your life. The problem with this type of blog is that it is consumer-based. And I am not someone who wants to encourage people to buy what they don’t need. Once you purchase the items you saw that one time in that flat lay, your life will not be perfect. You will just move on to wanting that scarf from your favorite Etsy shop or that field jacket you were never really into, but now you see EVERYWHERE so you feel like you MUST have it in your life. This is not the person I want to be, and this is not the person I want to inspire other people to be.

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