101 Things in 1001 Days

During my 30 Step Minimalism Challenge, I was tasked with creating a bucket list. But, inspired by Mackenzie of Design Darling, I’m going all out with a 101 Things in 1001 Days list! I’m going to try my hardest to complete every single item on this list before the 1001 days are up – which coincidentally is the 3rd anniversary of our move to Alabama!

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 6.28.46 PM

Starts August 17, 2015
Ends May 14, 2018
Completed 50 of 101!

Personal (12/19)

  1. buy a home (May 2016)
  2. pay off the Jeep (December 2015)
  3. use Rosetta Stone to learn Spanish
  4. learn to play one song on the ukulele (cancelled – sold my ukulele)
  5. begin taking classes towards a bachelor’s degree (January 2017)
  6. learn how to write in calligraphy
  7. reduce expenses to fifty percent of household income (September 2017)
  8. save enough in an emergency fund for six months of no income (February 2016)
  9. start regular transfers into James and Emma’s college fund (December 2015)
  10. learn how to put air in vehicle tires (February 2016)
  11. digitize our filing system
  12. be happy with every single item in my wardrobe (July 2016)
  13. donate to a crowdfunding campaign (September 2017)
  14. purchase something from Rifle Paper Co. (September 2015)
  15. learn how to drive a manual transmission vehicle
  16. spend my birthday giving back to others
  17. pay for the next customer in line at a coffee shop
  18. read thirty of the books on my reading list (July 2016)
  19. transfer $25 for every item completed on this list

Beauty + Wellness (13/18)

  1. wake up everyday before six in the morning for one week (March 2016)
  2. drink eight glasses of water every day for one week (March 2016)
  3. find a skin care regime that works for my acne (December 2015)
  4. take a Pure Barre class (February 2016)
  5. don’t eat any animal products for one week (October 2016)
  6. buy a fancy pair of pajamas (January 2017)
  7. work out three times a week for one month (March 2016)
  8. make my own gluten-free granola
  9. make my own nut milk (August 2015)
  10. get a facial
  11. try lash extensions (October 2015)
  12. complete my energizing morning routine & relaxing evening routine every day for one week
  13. don’t eat any dairy for one month (October 2016)
  14. learn how to french braid my hair (September 2015)
  15. look into getting the tattoos on my back removed
  16. try sugaring for hair removal
  17. go to a Sephora VIB event (cancelled – I don’t shop at Sephora anymore)
  18. take vitamins & supplements every day for one month (October 2016)

Green Living (8/11)

  1. purchase a vegan leather purse and wallet (January 2016)
  2. start composting (September 2016)
  3. only take “navy showers” for one week
  4. reduce waste to one bag of a trash per week (April 2016)
  5. replace all of my kitchen storage with greener options (January 2016)
  6. grow my own herbs (January 2016)
  7. stop using paper towels (October 2015)
  8. create a recycling center in my home (September 2015)
  9. strive to not throw away any unused food for one month
  10. learn how to hypermile
  11. only buy products that don’t feature ingredients on The Never List (September 2015)

Family & Friends (5/17)

  1. teach James and Emma how to swim
  2. video chat with at least one friend each week for one month
  3. video chat with at least one extended family member at least twice a month for six months
  4. go on a real date with my husband (May 2016)
  5. remember to send gifts on time for family and friends’ birthdays for one year
  6. start a fund for a couple’s vacation for Ryan and donate ten dollars every time we make love
  7. start writing letters to my children to give to them when they graduate high school
  8. take the dogs to a dog park at least two times a week for one month (June 2016)
  9. find a local group of mom friends (October 2015)
  10. have professional photos taken of my family
  11. reconnect with friends from high school
  12. write and send thank you cards within forty-eight hours of receiving a gift for six months
  13. become friends with one of Ryan’s co-workers (August 2016)
  14. learn how to play a videogame with Ryan
  15. create matching Halloween costumes for myself, Ryan, James, and Emma (October 2016)
  16. find a regular fitness activity we can do as a family
  17. start a family tradition for New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Independence Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas

Professional (4/16)

  1. redesign the blog to meet my personal aesthetic
  2. move the blog over to my own URL (April 2016)
  3. reach 200 visitors in one day on the blog
  4. create personal calling cards
  5. develop a better idea of my brand (March 2016)
  6. add a Pin It button to my blog photos (September 2015)
  7. find a successful blogger to act as my mentor
  8. find a way to make an income from home
  9. develop a true friendship with someone I’ve met through blogging (May 2016)
  10. learn how to use a DSLR camera
  11. create a graphic resume
  12. do something completely original
  13. start documenting OOTDs from my capsule wardrobe
  14. learn how to use Photoshop
  15. cultivate an inspirational workspace
  16. update my list of professional references

Local (5/15)

  1. get tea from Piper & Leaf Artisan Tea Co. (March 2016)
  2. have a meal at Mason Dixon Bistro (September 2015)
  3. get all of my produce from a farmer’s market for one month
  4. take a class at Painted Art
  5. spend the afternoon in Mooresville
  6. hike the Rainbow Mountain Trail
  7. take a day trip to Nashville (August 2017)
  8. go camping in Monte Sano State Park
  9. pack a picnic lunch for Huntsville Botanical Gardens (February 2016)
  10. spend the afternoon in downtown Huntsville with no plans
  11. watch a local band play
  12. ride the carousel at Bridgestreet Towne Centre
  13. find a shaded walking trail in Madison (December 2015)
  14. visit the splash pad at Brahan Springs
  15. go to a food truck rally

Travel (3/5)

  1. take James & Emma to meet their great great grandmother (December 2015)
  2. visit Allie in San Diego (February 2017)
  3. take the family to Gainesville for a game day
  4. take the family to Walt Disney World
  5. visit my dad’s side of the family in Ohio (May 2016)

Share with me your 101 and 1001 so I can follow along on your journey!


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