The Perfect Infused Water

Flavored water or infused water is an easy and delicious way to get your 8 glasses of daily H2O. I jumped on the flavored water bandwagon big time during my pregnancy. I was aiming for 100+ oz per day and it started to get pretty boring. Most store-bought flavored water had so many preservatives and fake sugars, it was not the best option. So I started concocting my own infusions!

After trying a few different combinations, this simple version is my tried and true favorite. Which is why I have dubbed lemon, cucumber, ginger, and mint to be The Perfect Infused Water. I make a big batch once a week so there is always a glass available in the refrigerator. It is a great way to start your morning. The tart lemon, soothing cucumber, spicy ginger, and refreshing mint are the perfect combination of delicious and nutritious.

Adding lemon to your water at the start of your day is one of the best ways to get on the path towards better health. Lemon provides a wide range of benefits from removing toxins, aiding in digestion, reducing inflammation, helping to purify and stimulate the liver, decreasing wrinkles and blemishes, and, overall, boost your immune system. Besides a dose of vitamin C, lemons contain vitamins B1, B2, B6, calcium, and antioxidants. Lemon water is a great addition to a weight loss plan as the high amount of pectin fiber in lemons reduces hunger pangs. I’m starting to wonder why lemons haven’t been named a “superfood” yet…

A couple slices of cucumber also aid in digestion along with adding another dose of B vitamins. Vitamins B1, B5, and B7 help ease stress and anxiety. Cucumbers also contain the anti-inflammatory flavonol, fisetin, which plays an important role in brain health improving memory and protecting nerve cells from age-related decline.

Sprinkle in a couple mint leaves for added digestion benefits plus a natural stimulant. You might even be able to skip your morning coffee! Add a slice of ginger to stimulate circulation and ward off nausea – this is perfect for the 1st trimester mommas, overindulgent imbibers, or anyone that experiences nausea in the mornings.




The Perfect Infused Water

8 glasses (I used Ball wide mouth 1.5 pint mason jars)
128 fl oz filtered water
2 lemons
1 cucumber
24 mint leaves
1 piece of ginger (about 1.5″ in diameter)

Divide all ingredients evenly among the jars and add 16 oz of water to each. Allow ingredients to infuse for 8 hours or overnight before drinking. Enjoy!


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