While You Were Sleeping: Nighttime Beauty Products

Getting your beauty rest takes on a whole new meaning when you add the right products to your nighttime routine. We spend a third of our day sleeping so why not do a little bit of multitasking while you’re catching some shut eye. These products are some of my favorites for getting the most out of my bedtime.

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Beautycounter Nourishing Cleansing Balm – Layering on a heavy moisturizer for daytime is not always practical during the summer. And in the winter, a hydration boost is always needed no matter your skin type. An overnight hydration mask will make sure those new skin cells developing are moisturized and you will wake up looking seriously refreshed. This cleansing balm from Beautycounter always serves as a great overnight mask. I scrap out a pea-sized amount with a plastic spoon and warm between my fingers until the balm transforms into a creamy oil. I then pat the balm onto any dry areas which for me include my forehead, under my eyes, and around my nosetrils. If you have dry, normal, or mature skin, this balm is perfect to use on your entire face at night.

HUM Nutrition Beauty zzZz – No matter which beauty products you use, if you’re not getting enough sleep each night, you are not going to look and feel your best. If you have trouble sleeping, set a strict bedtime for yourself every night and wake up at the same time every morning, regardless of your plans that day. Aim for 7-9 straight hours of sleep each night. If you are still struggling to fall asleep each night, a natural melatonin supplement could be helpful.

Lavanila Vanilla Lavender Healthy Roller-Ball – I have always worn fragrance just for myself. So why not put it on before bed as well! This scent from Lavanila Laboratories is soothing and relaxing. I just roll a bit on my pulse points and even dab it under my nose so I can smell the yummy vanilla lavender as I fall asleep.

Lani Tropical Hair Treatment – If you have split ends, frizz, lackluster shine, or your hair just needs a boost, you need an overnight or before shampoo treatment in your life. Since you already only wash your hair once or twice a week (this should be your goal!), you only have to apply the overnight treatment on nights before you will wash your hair in the morning. Apply the treatment to the ends, wrap into a high bun or loose braid and hit the hay. Just make sure you protect your pillowcase from the treatment! I, personally, just use an old pillowcase, but I’ve always tied an old cotton t-shirt around my hair like a headband. In the morning just shampoo twice and condition as usual. My hair always feels soft and smooth after a treatment. I can easily air dry and go without any hair products, which extends the shampoo even more! I normally just use coconut oil, but I am excited to try this hair treatment from Lani. With just four simple ingredients – cameilla seed oil, coconut oil, kukui nut oil, and macademia nut oil, I know it’s going to be amazing.

Korres Body Butter – Moisturizing your entire body before bed is not a part of most people’s evening routine, but it should be. I notice a huge difference in how smooth my skin feels after my morning shower, and any summer color I’ve gained from long walks outside sticks around a lot longer. If you’ve just returned from a beach vacation or have a spray tan, you should definitely being lotioning up twice a day. I’m a big body oil fan, but this body butter is too amazing to resist. I’ve been using this product for years because it is incredibly moisturizing without being too heavy and the Guava scent is irresitible. Korres has quite a few scents in this line so there is something for everyone.

RMS Beauty Lip & Skin Balm – If there is one beauty product I have to use each day, it’s lip balm. So when I’m getting ready for bed, I’m all about the thickest, most moisturizing formula I can find. This balm from RMS is not only perfect on your lips, but I also dab it under my eyes and rub it into my cuticles before bed. And when I wake up in the morning, my lips are so smooth and plump. Pro tip: for added anti-aging power, apply your undereye cream on and around your lips before applying balm. Lips (like hands) begin to show signs of age if you’re not moisturizing properly.

Zabana Essentials Clay Facial Blemish Drying Lotion – When a blemish pops up during the day, it’s time to break out the big guns in the evening. I always save my stronger spot treatments for nighttime as it can be pretty difficult to conceal a flaky pimple during the day. This drying lotion from Zabana Essentials contains witch hazel, french green clay, and zinc to help fade away your blemishes overnight. I am seriously impressed by how well this product works after just one application. I have also used my DIY Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment as a spot treatment with great success!

Tazo Tea Calm Chamomile – I always get in my eight glasses of water before dinner so I normally reward myself with a cup of herbal tea before bed. Chamomile tea is a great stress-reliever, making it much easier to relax and fall asleep quickly. Sip a cup of tea while you apply your evening beauty products, and you will be ready to jump into bed after the last drop. Just don’t forget to brush your teeth afterwards!


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