Beach in a Bottle: Lani Tropical Hair & Body Treatments Review

I don’t recall the first place I noticed Lani products. Or even the second or third. I just remember that I kept seeing this gorgeous turquoise bottle in Instagram and Pinterest photos, meticulously placed in a beach setting or next to some bright hibiscus flowers. Some products just portray a certain lifestyle, and this bottle was telling me “if you buy me, you will feel like a bronze goddess with a flowy mane of perfect beach waves”. How can you resist a promise like that! So I hopped onto the Lani website and ordered their Tropical Hair Treatment and Tropical Body Treatment. The products arrived about 11 business day later, about average for a product from overseas.

My first impression of the products was that the packaging was simple, yet alluring. The hair treatment, Lani’s original product, is packaged in a bright turquiose, glass bottle with a metal cap. The body treatment is exactly the same, except for the bright salmon/coral color of the glass. I’ve been using both consistantly for the last 2 weeks. Here are my thoughts!

Lani Tropical Hair Treatment
I waited my usual 5-6 days before washing my hair to test this product. The main ingredient is camellia seed oil, but it smells pretty heavily of the second ingredient (coconut oil). The morning I planned to wash my hair, I spread about a tablespoon of the oil evenly from root to tip. I then combed the product through my hair and pulled it into a top knot (my hair is FINALLY long enough for this hairstyle, again!!!). I went about my normal morning routine and hopped into the shower about 2 hours later. I washed my hair twice with my normal shampoo, just washing the roots, and then applied my normal conditioner. After I hopped out of the shower, I combed my wet hair and just went about my day without applying any additional product. As my hair dried, it felt a lot thicker and softer than usual. Like A LOT softer. I have reduced the amount of product, heat styling, and shampooing, I’ve been doing for the past couple years. And since chopping off 10 inches, my hair felt extremely healthy. I honestly didn’t think it could get too much healthier. But this product helped me hair reach bouncy, soft levels I didn’t think I could reach without heat styling and products. After using this product, I feel like I have supermodel hair. I seriously wish y’all could feel my hair through the screen, but we haven’t reach that level of technology yet. So you’ll have to believe me, and try it for yourself.

Lani Tropical Body Treatment
I have been using this product every day immediately after showering. It smells heavenly, thanks to almond oil and ylang ylang oil, two of the six oils that make up this body treatment. The product doesn’t sink in too quickly, and it leaves behind a subtle glow. It also continued to provide moisturize into the next day; I didn’t feel the need to reapply anything on my body before going to bed. The true test will come when the weather shifts. If this product continues to last into the winter, I will definitely know it’s a keeper.

You can find out more about this awesome brand by visiting their website. Like most products I use, these treatments are 100% natural, vegan, and cruelty-free. Plus the adorable jars are made of recycled glass that you will love to reuse and keep on display.




2 thoughts on “Beach in a Bottle: Lani Tropical Hair & Body Treatments Review

    • Thanks, Ashley! The bottles are definitely quite beautiful, but the magic is all inside! The jewelry is from a couple different places; necklace – Lilly Pulitzer, bracelet – Lucky Brand, earrings – Tuckernuck, and ring – Old Navy.


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