August Favorites

1. Beautycounter Hydrate Body Lotion – First off, the citrus mimosa scent is everything. When I purchased this product, I knew it was scented, but I wasn’t overly concerned with the smell because everything from Beautycounter smells pleasant to me. But this scent is so completely on point. It’s like Sunday Brunch in a bottle minus the dehydration (and eventual headache) that comes with daydrinking. There aren’t many body lotions in my life that I have repurchased. I normally move from brand to brand because nothing sticks out to me. But I was really blown away by how quickly this sinks in. Summer months normally call for lighter moisturizers so I’m not sure yet how well this will do with very dry skin, but I can tell you this soothes irritation really well. I recently used a new bath soak sample that was fragranced with eucalyptus and lavender. After I got out of the tub, my skin felt super dry and itchy. I slathered this from head to toe and my skin immediately felt better. I can imagine this is a great after sun lotion as well. This now has a permanent spot in my shower.

2. Beautycounter Lip Sheer – My first purchase of this product was in the color Coral. It was a great match for my skintone, but I was even more excited about how moisturizing it was. I normally layer a lip balm with my lip color, but it isn’t necessary with this product, even for touch ups. I love the Coral color, but I normally go for more of a “no makeup look” so I wanted something subtle. And Petal is PERFECT for that. This color matches my natural lip color exactly. I have been wearing it non-stop since it arrived at my doorstep at the end of July.

3. Evolution Fresh Organic Sweet Greens and Ginger – This brand is normally my go to for cold-pressed juice. But recently I haven’t been able to find this brand at my normal grocery stores. Luckily, Earth Fare carries a couple varieties, and this flavor is their only organic option. The babies are getting more and more active, so lunch time has to happen quick. I have been keeping my fridge stocked with these bad boys to grab before going to the park or heading out on a walk. I need someone to teach my children how to hold their own drinks. Until then, my lunch will be liquid.

4. Zabana Essentials Dry Glow Shampoo – Finding a good dry shampoo is tough. Finding a good, NATURAL dry shampoo is almost impossible. But I think I’m about as close as you can get with this product. I’m not big on the matte look that dry shampoo normally gives my hair so this subtle shimmery powder is great. I “puff” a little bit near the roots of my hair and rub in completely. The key is to steer clear of your actual scalp or else it doesn’t blend in as well. It doesn’t add a crap ton of volume like most dry shampoos so if you’re looking for something to help build an updo, plain ol’ baby powder will do the trick. Along with the natural look I get from this dry shampoo, it’s great to use multiple days in a row. The last dry shampoo I bought had great reviews, but it was definitely for last day hair unless i was cool with ponytails and top knots for the rest of the week. Otherwise my hair just felt gross. I really love how touchable my hair feels after using this product. I’m also experimenting with this as a finishing powder on my face. So far so good!

5. Beautycounter Protect Broad Spectrum SPF 30 – I had been using this as a body SPF for awhile, but I had to build up some courage to use it on my face. My history with face sunscreen is pretty ugly. I normally have to buy a simple oil-free moisturizer with SPF, but even those still feel heavy. The last one I bought was great for daily use, but as soon as I started to sweat, it migrated into my eyes. The last time I was outside for awhile, I just wore a big hat and hoped for the best. But I am really tired of having to decide between clear skin and sun protection. I love Beautycounter for a lot of reasons. The transparency of their production and ingredient selection is unparalleled. Their dedication to changing how the beauty industry is regulated is highly admirable. The women I work alongside with as a consultant are genuine and dedicated. But the fact that I can wear this SPF on my body and face AND not break out takes the cake.

I don’t have any new products in mind to check out this September, but I would love some recommendations. Let me know what products you’ve tried lately that you’re loving!

August Favorites by Lauren, Etc. August Favorites by Lauren, Etc. August Favorites by Lauren, Etc. August Favorites by Lauren, Etc. August Favorites by Lauren, Etc. August Favorites by Lauren, Etc. August Favorites by Lauren, Etc. August Favorites by Lauren, Etc. August Favorites by Lauren, Etc.




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