Et Cetera I

Reading…..Lessons from Madame Chic: 20 Stylish Secrets I Learned While Living in Paris by Jennifer L. Scott. This is probably my 4th time reading this book.

Listening… the Hip-Hop radio station on Apple Music and Nicki Minaj’s The Pinkprint album

Watching…..lots and lots of football. GO GATORS! / my fantasty team starters!

Eating…..chorizo sliders with green chile sauce, tons of berries because the season is almost over, and these yummy frozen macarons by Looka Patisserie.

Learning…..about how to grow my brand via Wonderlass.

Wearing…..a fleece-lined grey Gators pullover from my MIL. It is so perfect for chilly morning walks with my doggies.

Drinking…..endless refills of Piper and Leaf’s Orchard Peach tea, iced and sweetened with plenty of organic cane sugar.

Making…..fall & football decor for around the house. I’m sure I’ll have some photos on Instagram in the near future.

Wishing…..I made the trip out to Franklin, TN this past weekend for the Made South market event. I’ve been following this amazing business (basically a husband and wife team) that curate products made in (you guessed it) the South.

Lusting…..over these plaid and flannel shirts from L.L.Bean for the upcoming fall/winter capsules.

Obsessing…..about when Ryan and I will FINALLY be able to buy our 1st home. We are both 110% done with apartment living.

Enjoying……Shoshana Bean’s drunk re-telling of the first act of Wicked.

Loving……how beautiful the weather is starting to get in the Tennessee Valley. This whole “living somewhere with seasons” is starting to pay off 🙂


photo via

xoxo Lauren


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