Perfection is the Enemy of Progress

I recently started listening to The Minimalists’ podcast. They’ve only had six episodes so far, but I highly recommend you check it out. Actually, I highly recommend you just check out podcasts in general. I guarantee there is a podcast or two or three that will spark your interest and possibly replace an hour a week you might have spent browsing Instagram or watching reality TV. Not that I have anything against either of those activities. Both are pretty entertaining, in moderation, but let’s get back to The Minimalists. I was listening to their first episode, and early on Joshua Fields Millburn brings up how we allow perfection to prevent us from doing what we want to accomplish. Josh’s exact words were “our affinity for perfection or getting it just right, prohibits us from actually doing it….we have all these rules we set up that prevent us from accomplishing what we want to accomplish.”

I can think of so many situations in my life where these words ring true. But instead of sharing a long, drawn out story with you, I’d rather you just take a moment to think about all those moments in YOUR life.


photo via Death to Stock Photo

Now pick just one of those goals and start working towards it TODAY. You can’t possibly have one excuse as to why you can’t at least make a small amount of headway towards this goal. If this is a goal for you, a priority, then you need to make the time TODAY to work towards it. Forget about all the planning and researching that you think needs to take place before you take action. There will never be a perfect time for you to start something so you might as well just start it now.

And if you’re thinking that this goal you have, this thing that you consider to be your priority, is not important enough to take precedence over everything else you have to do before your head hits the pillow, then let go of this goal, once and for all. Stop holding on to it.

And that’s all I have for y’all. I’d rather not ramble on in hopes that I’ve motivated you to take some action. Don’t let perfection stand in the way of your progress. Thanks for reading.

xoxo Lauren


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