Are You Worthy of Your Possessions?

The home renovation bug has bit my husband and I, and we’ve been spending a lot of time planning and executing projects lately because of it. As someone who prescribes to the idea of only owning what I need and what will truly improve my life, home projects, both small and large, can sometimes be a conundrum. I have to constantly ask myself if these changes are worth the time, money, and effort. Will I enjoy these changes for the foreseeable future or will I be yearning for something new next season?

Another question I find myself asking is “am I worthy of what I already have?” If I look around my home, feel overwhelmed by the clutter, and think “I can’t wait until we’ve changed the cabinet color in the kitchen”, then it’s not the cabinet color that needs to change; it’s me.

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 5.35.27 PM

If I’m not already proving with my actions that I am willing to take care of what I already own, than why am I worthy of something new or nicer?

Don’t just assume that when you get that new car or that new pair of shoes, you will take better care of them than the clunker car and worn shoes you already own. Before you make a purchase to replace or change something in your life, you need to have proven that you are already someone who cares for what they own, regardless of it’s age or condition when it came into your life.

Like your relationships with people, you have to attend to your relationships with your things if you expect them to give back to you. You wouldn’t end a friendship because your pal wouldn’t cater to your every whim when you ignored her so why would expect your kitchen to provide you with a good space to prepare food when you don’t keep it clean?

One of the upcoming home projects I’ve really been focused on is painting the exterior of our house. The brick is shades of brown, the trim is tan, and the front door & shutters are a burnt reddish-brown; it’s not a color scheme that matches the light and bright welcoming feeling I want from my home. I look at the outside of our house, and I long for new colors, less dirt and cobwebs, better curb appeal. But even a new paint job only goes so far if you don’t maintain it.

I spent the afternoon yesterday cleaning the front facade of our house. I swept cobwebs and dirt off the brick and porch ceiling, washed the windows, scrubbed the front door, and used the blower to sweep the garage, porch, sidewalk, and driveway.

While afterwards it didn’t erase my plans to paint, I felt a lot more satisfied with the front of the house. The kids and I enjoyed a snack on the front porch after nap time, and I felt a contentment in our home that I hadn’t felt in awhile.

We’ve been in this house for almost a year so we can no longer place blame on the previous owners for the condition of the landscaping or the bad caulk job around the windows. It’s time to start proving that we are worthy of our possessions.

xoxo Lauren


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