Living a Rich Life

Adopting a more intentional lifestyle has altered my ideals in a multitude of ways. But on a day to day basis, when things might get chaotic, I sometimes wonder how much my life has really changed since becoming a minimalist. For some perspective, I started thinking about the things that I valued ten years ago. Specifically the things that I did that made me feel like I was living a luxurious life.


In 2007, I thought living a “rich” life meant:

  • getting my hair cut and colored every 6 weeks
  • buying the hottest new makeup products at Sephora and getting regular manicures/pedicures
  • going shopping during my hour break at work, spending $150+ in that hour (when I only made $7/hr at my job)
  • going out for dinner & drinks every Friday & Saturday night
  • buying myself a Coach purse as a pick-me-up for a bad month
  • getting Starbucks on my way to class
  • living in an apartment with a big screen TV and a huge common area (that was $50 more/month than I could afford)

Today in 2017, I feel like living a “rich” life means:

  • giving a hair a trim at home every 6 months
  • buying a few natural makeup products once a year and going nail polish free
  • meditating outdoors during my break (aka the kids’ nap time)
  • enjoying an herbal tea and chatting with my husband every Friday & Saturday night
  • writing expressions of gratitude as a pick-me-up for a bad month
  • listening to NPR or a podcast on my way to class
  • living in a house that allows me to save 50% of my household income

As a minimalist, living a “rich” life to me is no longer about having and spending money. It’s about valuing what I already have and working towards bettering myself. I may not be living the life that a younger version of myself, but I am living a life that the current version of myself needs.

xoxo Lauren


One thought on “Living a Rich Life

  1. I hear you about the nail polish, I rarely wear it anymore- it’s so much easier not to! Even the “5-free” stuff stinks. If I get it applied right, it always smudges before it dries, and it chips because I’m always washing dishes…I don’t really miss it. 🙂


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