New Month, New Purpose

I have been thinking about starting a blog for…..ever. Actually, I attempted 2 blogs previously, but I never really fully dedicated myself to them. Posts were sporadic, topics were not focused, there was a lot of emotion; overall, they were not what I wanted them to be. Suffice to say, I put A LOT of thought into this 3rd blog. I have been following a bunch of lifestyle bloggers on Instagram for awhile, and I love how they find ways to make daily life beautiful. Injecting vibrant color, sparkle, fun into moments here and there is as simple as putting sprinkles on vanilla ice cream. I’ve made it my focus to make the world around me simple, yet inspiring. And because I knew I would be spending a lot of time at my desk, I started there.


My desk is a repurposed IKEA Hemnes vanity. I removed the mirror and moved the storage boxes to the side and voila! The wire basket holds my Beautycounter marketing essentials (I’ll be sharing more about Beautycounter in a future post!), and the green leather notebook is perfect for writing down my daily to-do list. If you ever stay up at night thinking about what you need to accomplish the next day, take a couple moments in the evening before you go to bed to jot it all down. Your mind will be clear, and you will already feel on track when you wake up in the AM.


Today’s to do list (and this month’s purpose) is focused on starting this blog and being dedicated to the process. As a self-professed perfectionist, I spent too much time planning and not enough time doing. Giving myself specific deadlines with short planning periods (aka blog posts every Monday, Wednesday, Friday) is how I’m going to get out of my planning comfort zone and just do it (thanks for the encouragement, Nike slogan).

I would love to hear what your purpose is this month! Are you vowing to exercise more or work smarter on the job? Share with me your monthly goal(s) so we can make it happen together!


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