Healthy Snacks for a Happy Mom (and Baby!)

When it was time for the babies to start solids, I was still working full-time so trying to find the time to puree foods was impossible. So I headed straight for the baby food aisle at Publix to see what my options were. Actually I first headed straight to my laptop to research every baby food brand to determine the healthiest options available because that is what I do before I purchase ANYTHING. But after that I headed to the grocery store to buy a couple different brands to try out with the babies. As I stared at the various blends and snacks meant for older babies and tots, I thought about how delicous (and healthy) they all seemed. So I purchased a couple packs for myself!


Fast forward 5 months and I am loving Happy Family pouches and snacks for myself and my kiddos. Whether in the office trying to meet a deadline, running errands around town, or looking to mindlessly munch in front of the TV (we all do it every once in awhile!) these snacks are the perfect thing to reach for. All the snacks featured above are gluten-free, vegan, and under 110 or less calories per serving (about half the calories of a granola bar).




I am especially obsessed with the banana, peach, prune, and coconut pouch which tastes like a tropical vacation. And when I need to get more greens into my diet, I reach for the puffs or the spinach, mango, and pear blend. When I have a craving for something sugary sweet the coconut creamies are melt-in-your-mouth-perfection and only 30 calories a serving!

So the next time you are looking for healthy snack that is easy to grab and go, head straight to the baby food aisle and stock up!


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