30-Step Minimalist Challenge

I have been feeling particular uninspired and unmotivated as of recent. And, lemme tell you, it is not a good feeling. And the longer I go without being productive, the farther I fall into a place where it becomes more and more difficult to accomplish anything. Which is why it took me until 3pm to start a post that I meant to publish 10 hours ago. But we live and we learn.

To get myself out of this rut, I am starting a 30-Step Minimalist Challenge. I derived this ultimatum for myself from the 30-Day Minimalist Challenge on Into Mind. If you’re into minimilism, you have to check out this blog. My rules are simple – complete all 30 items on the challenge before the end of the month, in no particular order. This will require me to sometimes complete 2-3 items in one day, but will also give me the freedom to tackle nothing on a busy day. Some of the items are pulled directly from the Into Mind version, and some are original and more applicable for my minimalist needs. Overall, I think the challenge is highly adaptable and beneficial for anyone, whether you have the minimialist style down pat or you’re only looking to dabble. I will update you all on my progress along with my regularly scheduled blog material – the beauty and wellness goodies you all seem to enjoy.

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 3.26.33 PM

Here’s to hoping these small challenges will bring me some motivation and purpose by the end of August!


5 thoughts on “30-Step Minimalist Challenge

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