Green Beauty 101

My previous post, 3 Essentials for Your Summer Beauty Regime, featured products exclusively from Beautycounter. These are products that I use daily from a company that I trust. I sampled their skincare line for about a month before jumping in head first not only as a dedicated product user, but as an independent consultant. They are my dream company, not only as a consumer, but as a working professional.

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Healthy Snacks for a Happy Mom (and Baby!)

When it was time for the babies to start solids, I was still working full-time so trying to find the time to puree foods was impossible. So I headed straight for the baby food aisle at Publix to see what my options were. Actually I first headed straight to my laptop to research every baby food brand to determine the healthiest options available because that is what I do before I purchase ANYTHING. But after that I headed to the grocery store to buy a couple different brands to try out with the babies. As I stared at the various blends and snacks meant for older babies and tots, I thought about how delicous (and healthy) they all seemed. So I purchased a couple packs for myself!

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The Perfect Infused Water

Flavored water or infused water is an easy and delicious way to get your 8 glasses of daily H2O. I jumped on the flavored water bandwagon big time during my pregnancy. I was aiming for 100+ oz per day and it started to get pretty boring. Most store-bought flavored water had so many preservatives and fake sugars, it was not the best option. So I started concocting my own infusions!

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